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For over 21 years...

We have been helping our clients to GROW, MANAGE, and PROTECT wealth.
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Our firm was built for and around our clients. We believe an open and transparent, client-centered relationship is the key to long-term success. Our thorough wealth planning process is driven by listening first, formulating a strategy, and following through with advice and world-class service.

Our Impact

  • Operate all facets of the firm with integrity.
  • Stewardship is more than just owning investments - it involves your fulfillment, the family and community around you, and the impact you can make on the world.
  • We deliver comprehensive solutions for each of these areas.
  • Money is in itself amoral - it's what resources can do that makes it so impactful.
  • We work collaboratively to provide comprehensive financial solutions as part of a holistic wealth management strategy.
  • Maximize charitable giving strategies for the causes that are most important to our clients.
  • We'd love to help you maximize the impact of your investments as part of an intelligent charitable giving strategy.
  • We deepen relationships with those whom we share purpose.
We focus on Comprehensive Wealth Management.
John N. Couric, AAMS®
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John N. Couric, AAMS®, EA

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877-523-VERB (8372)
Tax Services are offered through Couric & Co.®, under common ownership of Couric Financial Partners, LLC.

We are proud to sit on the same side of the table as our clients.

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Advisory services are offered through Couric Financial Partners LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser.
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